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April 2021 - A Year of Changes and Challenges 

Who would have imagined 12 months ago that we would be where we are today? As a team of Sgleiners, we were happily travelling to different parts of the UK, setting up and connecting with live audiences with hwyl, sparkle and wonderful interaction. Seeing smiling faces, chatting and gaining feedback following our sessions was the norm, coffee breaks were an opportunity to get to know each other even better and the relationships we built were face to face, warm and friendly.

March came along and the pandemic struck like a bolt out of the blue and overnight 12 months of a full diary was looking like a challenge. We woke up the next day and decided that this challenge was a fresh opportunity to look at our work in a totally different way and after six weeks of beavering away, learning the new technology and chatting to our clients, we became not just Sglein but Sglein Online!

As the sparkly (now) Sgleiners Onliners – we worked together as a team, trialling what worked well and assessed ‘even better if’ – we laughed…a lot. We worked on transferring the same energy onto the screen and instead of the screen being a barrier, it became our best friend and asset. The biggest thing for us was to be US, be ourselves and use the super technology (and have fun with the glitches) to continue delivering high quality experiential learning. We decided from early on that we would create shorter sessions which means that participants aren’t on screen for longer than they need to be and have time between sessions to try things out and come back and tell us how it went. We’ve seen an increase in engagement through running bite-sized sessions and programmes and are gaining great feedback from the Sglein Sparks and Tip Sheets that we send out to motivate and enhance the learning. We’ve also worked with several organisations and teams to co-ordinate and facilitate meetings and conferences - again thinking differently to make each one an engaging experience for all.

Has it been a turbulent time? Yes

Has it created new and exciting opportunities and ways of working? Yes

Has it changed the way we deliver training and events? Yes

Come Sglein online with us and see what we can do together :) - It’s the same, same but different :)