Customer Service


What’s the best customer experience you’ve had recently? Did it take you a while to think of an example? Is indifferent, unremarkable service what we’ve come to expect these days? How about the customer service within your business? Is all the emphasis placed on looking after external customers or do your staff apply the same standards when they’re dealing with colleagues?

Providing excellent and memorable customer service experiences will set you apart in today’s highly competitive business environment.  We’ll work with your people to Sglein the service they give and help you stand out from the crowd.

Training topics include:

  • Dealing with Difficult Situations and Complaint Handling 
  • Improving Communication, Empathy and Resilience Skills to Enhance the Customer Experience 
  • First Class Customer Care and Customer Relationship Skills 
  • The Welsh Language and Customer Service 
    • Sglein are leaders in assisting organisations to see and realise the benefits of using Welsh in business. We can help your staff understand why a little Welsh can make a huge difference to your customers and to your image. Being a bilingual business will enhance the service you provide and help to reinforce your brand in Wales

Here is a sample of recent feedback received from session participants:

    • Thank you for the best learning session I have had in a very long time.  I have gained a lot from the course and it has given me food for thought
    • Excellent session - full of ideas and great explanations - thank you very much
    • Excellent session. Very informative and just brilliant. Learnt so so much and taken away so much!
    • The content and delivery was spot on - thanks
    • Thank you - a really great session with a lot of practical tips to implement

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