Communication & Collaboration

Effective communication is essential in maintaining strong working relationships within an organisation and with your customers.

Training topics include:

  • Having Honest Conversations
  • Presentation and Facilitation Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Understanding your Personal Impact
  • Working as an Effective and Efficient Team
  • Writing Skills

How Effective are Your Listening Skills?

Listening is one of the most important communication skills.  How well we listen has a huge impact on our relationship with others and our effectiveness at work. In today’s busy world we often become distracted when others are speaking to us and we don’t always pay full attention.

Watch this short film clip to test how well you listen – have a pen and paper ready!

Here is a sample of recent feedback received from session participants:

Having Honest Conversations

  • Really useful course, great top tips which can be put into practice straight away - valuable to get involved in putting training in practice too
  • There was a lot more information and things I wouldn't have thought of! Gave a very good structure that will be handy to refer to in the future
  • Glad I attended.  Have gained some confidence. The breakout room was really good and worked well
  • Really useful information, will definitely be using the tips I've learnt today
  • Lots of useful, supportive information. Given confidence to have conversations 

 Facilitation Skills

  • Thoroughly enjoyed every session, this has been an excellent way to reflect on my skills, or lack of, and I have a solid plan going forward to help implement what I've learned so far
  • It was an amazing programme and I would encourage everyone I know to take part, whether they are confident or not it’s a fun way of learning and it’s made me feel a lot more confident in myself. I always look forward to the sessions and the Facilitator gave great support, was really friendly and made me feel like I can be myself. I was pushed outside my comfort zone, and I didn’t expect to but I really enjoyed it  

Writing Skills

  • Really enjoyed this morning. Very informative and something I can use in both my working and home life
  • Really enjoyed the session - it was a good mix of information and interactive and very well delivered
  • Very positive session, learned a lot about things I wouldn't have considered beforehand. 3-hour session but didn't feel that long which I think is always a good thing